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Why should you try the Colibri Book Covering System?

Books covered in less than 30 seconds. 

Insert cover in machine slot, align, and press start to activate sensors to close, weld and trim cover to size and in 30 seconds you’re done. No bubbles, no tape, no scissors, no troubles.

Only 3 Covers required to cover ANY book

3 types of covers range from Mini to Big and will fit all types of books; regardless of size and width.  

Get a perfect fit custom Jacket for each book every time

Machine is safe to use. No Glue or adhesives are used. 

Cover school books in 30 SECONDS 


 Colibri book covering system are designed to cover  ANY  school books in just 30 Seconds or less

Their easy and innovative system allows any type and size of book to be covered with the touch of a button.  

Watch the video to see how easy it is to apply a cover 

Cover ANY size school book in under 30 seconds

Colibri Safety Covers

CoLibri Covers require no glue or adhesives. 

CoLibri Covers have toy safety certification ensuring that CoLibri covers are safe to use on children’s books. 

CoLibri Covers are water resistant but permeable to oxygen in order to avoid moisture retention.

CoLibri Covers are odourless, non-toxic and ECO friendly. 

CoLibri Covers are kind to the environment

Happy Customers

"We use the CoLibri Book Covering Machine for our school library books. We find the machine very easy and quick to use and have covered thousands of books to date trouble-free. The covers come in a variety of sizes that meet our needs and are of excellent quality and durability."

Patricia O'Leary, De La Salle College

 "We have used the CoLibri Book Cover System to cover each book in every class library, 16 classes in total. The covers have certainly prolonged the life of the books, they do not become dog-earred and therefore do not need replacing as often. The CoLibri System is one we would recommend"

Finbar Keohan - Principal, Scoil Mhuire

"The CoLibri System is a quick and easy way of covering books. It has extended the life of our school books dramatically."

Melinda Berry, Neilstown National School

Colibri Coloured Covers

We also supply a range of coloured covers for different school subjects.  For example, green for Geography, Purple for Maths etc.  Contact us for more details.

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